Something Shifter This Way Comes

Something Shifter this Way ComesSomething Shifter this Way Comes by Artemis Wolffe

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I think this must have been something I got on Amazon for 99¢ — at least I hope I didn’t pay a lot of money. In fact, I didn’t even finish this compilation of short stories. I read the first three, hoping that the next story would be better than the others. But they seemed to get worse.

Bear Back Mountain: A bear shifter discovers his One True Mate is his personal trainer. And thanks to a spell by the gym’s witch receptionist, personal trainer guy can get pregnant. He does.

End of Shift: This one is more complicated. *cracks knuckles* OK, college freshman Andrew and his crappy almost boyfriend Nick break up right before Andrew leaves for Christmas vacation. His car breaks down near 40-year-old, alpha bear shifter Victor’s cabin. Victor, it turns out, had a thing with Nick, who is really the evil wolf shifter alpha. Nick kidnaps Andrew’s friend in an attempt to swap Andrew for her, and Victor must learn how to be A True Alpha and lead his bears in a rescue attempt.

Choosing the Omega: On the day of his final final exam, college student Colin finds that he’s unable to stop masturbating and leave his dorm room. When he’s able to stop, he goes to the college doctor, who does odd experiments on him. Soon, a military guy shows up and whisks Colin away to meet … The Alpha. For, you see, Colin is … The Omega. They take one sniff and fall madly in love. About a month later, Colin goes into heat. Yes, I said, “Colin goes into heat.” He and the alpha have lots of sex, and then Colin goes to the doctor and finds out he’s pregnant. Evil military guy is thrilled: Now they can breed shifters.

Ferocious: A guy in a forest is looking for a werewolf so he can film him and Prove Werewolves Exist. Not surprisingly, he sees one and films him. But when he looks away for an instant, werewolf guy disappears. But werewolf guy can still see camera guy. He approaches: “With feet as quiet as the winter breeze …” And I couldn’t do it anymore. That was the straw that broke my back.

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