Fever Dream

Book Number: 35
Title: Fever Dream
Author: Preston & Child

Author Website Synopsis: At the old family manse in Louisiana, Special Agent Pendergast is putting to rest long-ignored possessions reminiscent of his wife Helen’s tragic death, only to make a stunning-and dreadful-discovery.
Helen had been mauled by an unusually large and vicious lion while they were big game hunting in Africa. But now, Pendergast learns that her rifle-her only protection from the beast-had been deliberately loaded with blanks. Who could have wanted Helen dead…and why?

With Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta’s assistance, Pendergast embarks on a quest to uncover the mystery of his wife’s murder. It is a journey that sends him deep into her past where he learns much that Helen herself had wished to keep hidden.

My Thoughts: I love Pendergast and usually enjoy his adventures. Not so much this time. This time, I think his desire to know all the answers is going to make him miserable. I’m already annoyed with his former wife on his behalf. I guess that means I’m invested in the character and the series. And I am interested in getting to the bottom of the mystery. I think, though, that the topic could have been covered in one book.

Note: I’ve read these books for Bookalicious Babe’s 100 Book Challenge for 2011.

Next up: Dunno. I haven’t read any Anita Blake in a while, so it may be Laurell K. Hamilton.


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