Book Number: 29
Title: True North
Author: Bethany Brown

Dreamspinner Press Synopsis: Small-town engineer Jackson Strange has been clumsy his whole life, so when
an accident at work sends him to the local clinic, it’s no
big shock. The surprise is the magnetic, heated attraction to the enigmatic Julian Piet, a charming doctor with killer good looks that appears to treat him, sending Jack off his lonely course.

Now that their paths have crossed, Jack and Julian head off in a new direction — but between Jack’s reluctance to be open about his sexuality and Julian’s shattered self-confidence, they can’t seem to decide what direction that is. It takes a push from Julian’s meddlesome sister to send them stumbling headfirst into romance.

Happily wrapped up in their fledgling relationship, Jack and Julian think they may have found their way until unexpected roadblocks appear on their path to forever. Wrathful storms, dangerous illness, family connections, and broken hearts threaten their tenuous balance and will send them spinning apart – their love scattered to the four winds — if they cannot believe and trust that together, they can find true north.

My Thoughts: There’s a lot of good bantering between the main characters, and they’re both likeable. The theme is very much “Will Love Overcome Everything?” It doesn’t, as the main characters learn, but it sure doesn’t hurt.


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