Torchwood: Miracle Day

We’re only a couple weeks away from Torchwood: Miracle Day. I’m looking forward to the new series, but I’m wary of what’s going to happen with Captain Jack. I know the show is about protecting the Earth from evil aliens, but it’s always been about the people for me. And the main person has been Jack. I fell for him the first five minutes I saw him on screen. I didn’t know a damn thing about him or Torchwood — had never watch Doctor Who, didn’t realize his character had been birthed there. I was as shocked as Gwen was when he came back to life. And as Ianto and Jack’s relationship developed, I grew to love Ianto, too. I was sad when Tosh and Owen died. And I cried. But I remember that one thing kept going through my head over and over: “At least it wasn’t Ianto.” Cue Children of the Earth. What was that, two years ago? I still haven’t gotten over Ianto’s senseless death. And for fear of a total meltdown, I think that’s all I’ll say about it. Anyway, as I wait for the full-on man sex that John’s promised us, I’ve been wallowing in Jack/Ianto fic.

I spent a lot of time reading everything that magikalrhiannon wrote. She’s done a fair amount of detailed stories, and I’d recommend any one of them.

I’m currently reading and enjoying Lazuli’s Attrition. Jack is trying to talk his way in Ianto’s good graces after his missing time with the Doctor. It’s angsty but good and features a strong Ianto. I figure the “real” Ianto must have been plenty strong for Jack to have fallen for him.

I’m counting all the Torchwood-related reading I’ve been doing at Books 19 and 20.


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