Catching Up

I haven’t updated this page in ages. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading. Here’s a quick list of what I’ve read:

Book Number: 9
Title: Shades of Ianto
Author: sarcasticchick
My Thoughts: Probably my favorite Torchwood fanfic. This is the one where Ianto is Mr. Black, the head of Avalon (a school for psychically gifted kids). Ianto is strong; Jack learns some stuff about himself. There are fantastic original characters. If you’ve ever been curious about reading Torchwood fanfic, this is the one to try.  Read it, read it, read it!

Book Number: 10
Title: The Oncoming Storm
Author: D8rkmessngr
My Thoughts: This is a Torchwood AU that covers what happened since Doctor Who’s “Parting of Ways” and then goes through Torchwood’s entire first season and then back to Doctor Who’s “Utopia.” This is the second time I’ve read this story — the first time was before I saw Doctor Who, and I’m still convinced that this is how things really happened.

Book Number: 11
Title: The Radleys
Author: Matt Haig
Amazon Synopsis: Dr. Peter Radley and his wife, Helen, have fled wild London for the village of Bishopthorpe, where they live an outwardly ordinary life. The Radleys, who follow the rules of The Abstainer’s Handbook (e.g., “Be proud to act like a normal human being”), haven’t told their 15-year-old vegan daughter, Clara, and 17-year-old son, Rowan, who’s troubled by nightmares, that they’re really vampires. A crisis occurs when a drunken classmate of Clara’s, Stuart Harper, attacks her on her way home from a party and inadvertently awakens the girl’s blood thirst. Peter’s call for help to his brother, Will, a practicing vampire, leads to scary consequences.
My Thoughts: I love vampire books, and this one is different from the usual. The snippets from The Abstainer’s Handbook are really funny. And there’s obvious room at the end for a sequel.

Book Numbers: 12 to 16
Titles: Oleander House, What Hides Inside, Twilight, Closer, An Inner Darkness
Author: Ally Blue
My Thoughts: This series of books features Bay City Paranormal Investigations, a group that investigates haunted houses, etc. The stories center on Sam Raintree, who is a new employee at the beginning of the series. Sam plans on not telling his coworkers that he’s gay, but that falls by the wayside when he and the boss, Bo Brossard, fall in love. Subsequent books deal with their relationship, Bo coming out, etc. It’s a pretty good series. I recommend reading them interspersed with other books; by the end I was a little tired of the characters.

Book Number: 17
Title: A Discovery of Witches
Author: Deborah E. Harkness
Amazon Synopsis: It all begins with a lost manuscript, a reluctant witch, and 1,500-year-old vampire. Dr. Diana Bishop has a really good reason for refusing to do magic: she is a direct descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch Trials, and her parents cautioned her be discreet about her talents before they were murdered, presumably for having “too much power.” So it is purely by accident that Diana unlocks an enchanted long-lost manuscript (a book that all manner of supernatural creatures believe to hold the story of all origins and the secret of immortality) at the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and finds herself in a race to prevent an interspecies war.
My Thoughts: I heard this author interviewed on BBC4 a couple times, and she was a fascinating interview. The book started kind of slow; well, not really slow but kind of like a romance novel. But as it progressed, the characters developed into interesting people. The author is a history professor, and her love of the subject shows in the details scattered through the book. I expect a sequel to this one, too.

Book Number: 18
Title: Only Human
Author: Gareth Roberts
Synopsis: Somebody’s interfering with time. The Doctor (Nine), Rose, and Captain Jack arrive on modern-day Earth and discover a Neanderthal man 28,000 years after his race became extinct. Only a trip back to the primeval dawn of humanity can solve the mystery.
My Thoughts: Rose and The Doctor go back in time while Jack stays to acclimatize Das the Neanderthal to the present day. It’s worth reading for Das and Jack’s journal entries.

I’ve also read several books worth of miscellaneous Torchwood fanfic. But I’m going to cut back on that and pick up another novel … soon.

Note: I’ve read these books for Bookalicious Babe’s 100 Book Challenge for 2011.

Next up: The Wire in the Blood by Val McDermid

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