PsyCop Series

Book Number: 7

Title: Among the Living • Thaw • Criss Cross • Striking Sparks • Many Happy Returns • Mind Reader • Body & Soul • Stroke of Midnight • Secrets • Camp Hell

Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Synopsis: The PsyCop series features frazzled psychic medium Victor Bayne and his smokin’-hot boyfriend, Jacob Marks. Fifteen years ago, Victor studied at Heliotrope Station, one of the original residential psychic training programs in the U.S. The only thing he learned in that facility was how to be a better liar. Now he’s part of an elite PsyCop unit. Solving murders should be a snap when you can talk to the deceased. But since no one’s ever given him a lucky break when they were alive, why would they start now?

My Thoughts: Someone on Twitter posted a link to Bodice Rippers Without the Bodice: Ten Male-on-Male Romances for a Core Collection, which lists 10 titles no fan of M/M literature should be without. If the rest of the titles on the list are as good as this series, I’ve found a great resource.

I love Vic, the main character. He’s smart and funny and fucked up and growing as a person. And he and Jacob have really hot sex. The author has created a great world, where psychics help the police solve crimes. Yet, they’re still apart from the rest of squad; fellow officers whisper about them behind their backs and don’t quite trust them. And that makes the stories more believable.

I particularly enjoy the author’s tone and Vic’s internal dialogue, which made me laugh. Here’s an example from Camp Hell:

“I think I might have found something.” Zigler consulted his notebook, then looked up at the room. “Nearly forty percent of the patients who died spent some time in this emergency partition.”

I decided I didn’t like the ER, not at all, and I was filled with gratitude about the fact that when I sprained my elbow, I had gotten to go to The Clinic, where they ushered me into a private room right away, and saw to me within a reasonable amount of time. And there wasn’t a scary, toothless guy who smelled like vinegar sitting next to me, cursing up a blue streak. And there wasn’t a little kid crying loud enough to shatter my eardrums. Don’t get me wrong; I felt bad for the kid. Heck, the vinegar guy, too. But I wouldn’t want to be sitting among them if I was in need of emergency medical care.

“Forty percent,” I repeated. I wondered if that was statistically important and decided it probably was. If not, Zig wouldn’t have mentioned it. “And, uh, the other sixty percent?”

“Divided among seven other partitions.”

Sixty divided by seven…or was that seven divided by sixty? Seven sixtieths? I sucked at fractions. Anyway, it was smaller than forty percent. Probably.

The books are available on the author’s website. Many are available in book form, but I just downloaded e-books. Several of the titles I mentioned are short freebies, which was a nice surprise. I can’t recommend this series highly enough. I see the author has another book in the works, and I can’t wait!

Note: Synopsis taken from the author’s website. This is the seventh book I’ve read for Bookalicious Babe’s 100 Book Challenge for 2011.

Next up: The Mermaids Singing, by Val McDermid


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