Night Chills

This is the fourth book I’ve read for Bookalicious Babe’s 100 Book Challenge for 2011

Book Number: 4

Title: Night Chills

Author: Dean Koontz

Synopsis: A scientist, an Army general, and a wealthy businessman try to brainwash the residents of an isolated logging town by using techniques related to subliminal advertising.

My Thoughts: I like Dean Koontz novels a lot because his evil plots are just plausible enough that I’m left wondering if what he’s written about could come true. And with all the different types of media the average person is exposed to today, brainwashing isn’t exactly out of the question.

Night Chills came out in 1976, so it did seem slightly dated in places. But it was kind of fun to read about bad guys rushing to a pay phone to answer a call from their boss. And the trio of bad guys got theirs in satisfactory ways.

This isn’t the best Dean Koontz book I’ve read, but it was OK. Try Twilight Eyes if you’re new to Koontz.

Next up: The Wages of Sin, by Alex Beecroft


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