Harry Loves Draco

That’s the headline that caught my eye as I was paging through a magazine. The only Harry and Draco I knew were from the Harry Potter books, and I remember thinking, Harry doesn’t love Draco. He hates Draco. Curious, I went to the après l’école! website, which was touted as a listing of Post-Hogwarts Harry/Draco Fan Fiction (stories written by fans using characters from their favorite books, movies, and TV series).

My thought process has always been black and white — much like Harry’s, actually — and I’d never ventured beyond Rowling’s Dumbledore good/Malfoy bad universe. But by the end of my first fanfic, I was convinced: The posturing, fighting, and rivalry littered through the books could have masked Harry and Draco’s repressed romantic feelings. And as I continued reading, a world of new possibilities opened up for characters I thought I knew well. So when Harry was growing and changing and thinking in these fics, I was, too.

One story in particular had an impact on me. It’s after the war, Harry is living alone, and his friends convince him to take in a lodger. Draco, down on his luck because his side lost, needs a room. There’s no love lost between the two in the beginning, but they work through a load of problems. The key one for me is that they’re both depressed. They make a depression potion and talk things out, and they get better.

Around the time I was reading the story, I’d been feeling pretty bad — just low-level unhappy for no good reason. And the thought occurred to me: If Harry Potter is depressed, maybe I am, too. Maybe I can be depressed and not be weak or lazy or not trying hard enough to be happy. So I took myself off to my GP and got a prescription for Cymbalta, and life was good. Seriously. I quickly felt 100% better.

But some of you may have noticed that I skipped the second part of the Harry/Draco cure: talking things out. That took a little longer — and crying every single day for six months — but I eventually got up the nerve to talk to a professional. And things are going well. Some days are good; some days are bad.

I’m grateful that headline caught my eye. Yeah, fandom is filled with hot, man-lurve fic, and I have read stories that waxed poetic about someone’s “throbbing member.” But there’s some honest-to-goodness great writing out there. And there are stories that change lives.

Please comment!

What do you read? Any recommendations — especially Harry Potter (HP/SS of HP/DM),  Torchwood (J/I), or BBC1’s Sherlock (SH/JW)? Has anything seemingly as banal as fanfic changed your life?

Illustration by kogepan.


2 thoughts on “Harry Loves Draco

  1. I love this. I am glad it changed your life. I think I remember that story. Fanfiction has helped me become a better writer. I started writing original stories years ago, but there isn’t as many people willing to beta and work with you on those. There are tons with Harry/Draco fanfiction. So it is a very good hobby, I think.

    Since my writing is much better than it was before. I have started to rewrite all of my other stories. Though now my life is much more hectic than it used to be, and I don’t have the time to write like I used to. I wish I had run into fanfiction earlier.

    Since if you click on my picture, it is going to take you to my personal blog. Which is irrelevant to this topic, here are some of my other sites.


    1. Thanks so much for the reply. Please excuse my delayed response. I’ve neglected this blog shamefully. I’m glad you enjoy writing, and I’ll be sure to check out your stories. I love finding a new author!


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