Dinner and Conversation

I usually fall asleep fairly quickly. But sometimes, I have a hard time and lay there obsessing about work and real or imagined problems. A few days ago, in an effort to distract myself, I started picking the 10 people I’d invite over for dinner if I could have anyone (dead or alive) and not be besieged by blushes or shyness. Here’s who I came up with —

  1. Cee: My beloved partner is so darn smart and funny. Everything is more fun when she’s around. Plus, she could help serve the different courses.
  2. John Barrowman: He is who he is — a hard-working, charismatic entertainer who is comfortable in his own skin. His giggle sets off my own. And it probably wouldn’t be too hard to get him to sing after dinner.
  3. Alan Rickman: During an interview, he talked about how audiences shouldn’t be passive while watching a play he was narrating. I thought about what he said and realized that in an effort to keep myself from getting upset, I was being passive about what I was viewing, reading, and listening to. Sure, since I’ve become more active, I’ve cried. But I’ve also laughed and had fascinating conversations exploring ideas I’ve come across. There’s one more reason to have Mr. Rickman to dinner: his voice.
  4. Martina Navratilova: Not only is she one of the greatest tennis players who ever lived, but she’s strong, funny, and insightful. She’s another role model who lives her life unashamedly. Plus, have you seen her biceps?
  5. Kris Kristofferson: I was 13 when I snuck into the theater to see A Star Is Born. I’ve been listening to his music ever since. His lyrics tell stories, and I’ve recently realized that they’ve helped shape my beliefs on religion, war, and the class system. I wish all kids could have the benefit of the education I received from listening to his songs.
  6. James Kirkwood: I ran across P.S. Your Cat Is Dead when I was in my late teens. I loved it from the first line: “Did things ever get so rock-bottom rotten that you went around muttering, not necessarily out loud but muttering nonetheless: I don’t believe it!” I followed P.S. up with Good Times/Bad Times. They both had actual gay characters in them, something pretty important to someone who was just starting to wonder why she thought the cheerleaders were cuter than the football players.
  7. Alastair Campbell: Yeah, I can’t believe I have a politician on my list either. But I like him. I loved All in the Mind, and I think the book is a fabulous way of showing people what it’s like to live with depression. His support of mental health organizations and openness about his own depression is inspiring. His choice of football clubs, however, isn’t.
  8. Linda Bailey-Davies: Linda was my coach for several years, and she turned into a friend. She and Gloria, her partner, were one of the six original couples who successfully sued the state of Massachusetts for the right for same-sex couples to marry. And I know her. How cool am I?
  9. Wyatt Webb: One of the best things I’ve done in my life is spend four days with this man doing the Equine Experience™ at Miraval Arizona. During the seminar, you work with horses to see patterns of learned behavior and figure out how you communicate. I love this man. His no bullshit attitude and bone-deep kindness make me feel safe.
  10. I fell asleep before I picked the tenth person, which means my plan worked.

Please Comment!

You’ve seen my list: Who do you think my tenth person should be? Who would you invite to dinner? You don’t have to list 10 people — even one or two would be fine.

And to steal from one of my favorite bloggers: Half-finished thoughts welcome, positively encouraged in fact. 

Image courtesy of Tostie14


4 thoughts on “Dinner and Conversation

  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I would love to have dinner with Jason Mraz. I love his worldly views, his appreciation and understanding of the power of gratitude, his deep sense of joy, his feelings of connectedness with everything and everyone. It would be an enjoyable, fascinating, and funny conversation I am sure!

  2. I thought of one more! Bono…from the band U2 (as if there’s more then one person in the world with that name, duh!) I can’t believe I forgot to mention him.
    By the way, it’s really sweet that you included Cee on your list. Made me smile…

  3. Ooh what a great list! I am totally useless at lists like this, I get overwhelmed by all the choices! And I didn’t know that about Alastair Campbell’s mental health, that’s interesting. I think you should add Stephen Fry though, wouldn’t he be the best ever after dinner trivia person?!

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